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    I want to suggest a few more selection features:

    1.) Sticky Selection

    Perhaps now with “Multiple Selection Editing”
    it would be possible to add a new command “Sticky Selection”

    It would work like pressing CTRL key while selecting next part.
    Only without pressing that key.

    Also there could be a macro command “Selection.Sticky = true;”

    Multiple Selection Editing (new v13 feature)

    The new version allows you to select multiple locations within a document. To make multiple selections, after making one selection, make another selection with the mouse while pressing the CTRL key.

    2. Restore Selection

    If a selection is made, EE should store the positions automatically.

    Executing the feature “Restore Selection” would read
    this positions and restore the last selection.

    – select line 3
    – click elsewhere
    – selection.Restore(); would restore the selection of line 3

    3.) Invert Selection

    If there was a selection made,
    this feature would deselect the selection
    and select the before not selected parts instead.

    – find and select lines with “word”
    – Selection.Invert();

    4.) selectLineNumber( n );

    Command to select line number “n”

    selection.selectLineNumber( 14 );
    selection.selectLineNumber( 33 );
    selection.selectLineNumber( 45 );

    5.) Get selected lines numbers

    Command to report line numbers of seleted lines.

    SelLinesArray = GetSelectedLinesIndieces();

    Pseudo code to invert selection:

    nLines = document.GetLines( [ nFlags ] );

    SelLinesArray = document.GetSelectedLinesIndieces();

    document.UnSelectAll = true;

    Selection.Sticky = true;

    for( L=0; L < nLines; L++){
      if( ! L in SelLinesArray )


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