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    EmEditor v11 adds a new feature, which is quite understanding to HTML/XML tech guys,

    Tooltip to show HTML/XML character reference

    If the mouse cursor hovers over the HTML/XML character references, the actual Unicode characters appear as a tooltip. Moreover, right-clicking on the tooltip allows to you copy the Unicode characters or convert the document text into the Unicode characters.

    But, “right-clicking on the tooltip” can be so painful, because:
    1. To show the character glyph, you can do that only by moving mouse onto &nnnnn;, not by using keyboard.
    2. The tooltip is so small to be easily pinpointed. Very often, that tiny tooltip disappears before I can position my mouse onto it.

    So, I hope there is a status bar pane to show that very Unicode character. Then, we can just get that good feature by simply moving the caret, by keyboard.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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