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    If i created an new item
    by drag & dropping an line to an snippet folder
    then the “Name:[ ]” field of the fresh created
    item is set to the same text as the “Text:[ ]” field.

    This is bad because that way i get two times
    the same content into an snippet, which could
    be very large strings if i d&d several lines to/as
    one new item. So i blew up the “database” needlessly.
    (Edit by hand is no real option while adding many new items at one time)

    So i want to suggest to crop the string for
    the “Name:” field to lets say ten words, but
    not more then 72 chars. (or something like that 🙂 )
    on drag and dropping automatically.
    (But let the user modifying that field manually to any length of course.)




    Drag&Drop leads to an empty snippet for me ?!

    emed32_11.1.2_beta.exe on XP SP3

    I installed emed32_11.1.2_beta.exe
    and then chose import/export to ini.

    Then enabled snippet plugin
    and drag a few selected lines to the snippets
    and as result i got an new item symbol
    but without any text/content.

    Today, (2/28/2012) we are releasing EmEditor Professional v11.1.0 beta.
    Updates from v11.0.5 include:

    – (Snippets plug-in) The title of a snippet is now automatically cut off at 79 characters long when text is imported by drag-and-drop from the text area or another application.



    I also have this problem where just an empty snippet is created


    Yutaka Emura

    This will be fixed on the next beta version.

    Thank you,



    Stefan wrote:

    Drag&Drop leads to an empty snippet for me ?!

    emed32_11.1.2_beta.exe on XP SP3

    D&D works again as intended
    and the [Name: ] -string is cut down now as suggested at 80 signs

    Posted on: 3/8/2012 12:55 am
    Head-start version: EmEditor Professional v11.1.3 beta

    Thank you!

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