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    Hy Yutaka, an idea for the snippet plugin:

    Open an tab which is related to the snippets only.
    The name of this tab could be e.g. “Edit Snippet”

    This tab is empty at first.
    Then, if i click at an snippet, that snippet is opened in that tab.
    If i then click at an other snippet, that snippet is opened in the
    same tab, automatically closing the last snippet.

    That way i can click through my snippets and see
    them all in one and the same tab.
    Without opening and closing many tabs on my way.

    Something like this:

    This is also an nifty feature to review other
    documents as e.g files from the explorer!

    What do you think?



    Found two examples and have taken an screenshot (see post above)
    to better explain what i mean.

    I mean this feature to preview the documents only.
    To edit them i use an double click to open them for modifying.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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