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    If i press the Default Shortcut Key for snippets (ESC)
    i got a pop-up menu with a looong list of items,
    which i could recognize as snippets names.

    For example when i enter “c)”
    and press ESC key i get this pop-up.
    Of course i get it anytime i just press the shortcut.

    I had need a while to find the culprit:

    If i add a new snippet and add an Name,
    there is a automation to take the first few signs as Trigger
    and also enable “[X] Use Default Shortcut”.

    Since i didn’t understood what this means
    and also since i doesn’t want to have a trigger
    (but insert by double click) i cleared that trigger field.
    But i doesn’t disabled “[X] Use Default Shortcut”
    since i didn’t understood what this would means.

    So far, so good, but…

    Additional, there is that fine feature,
    so if you use the same trigger for more then one snippet
    then you get an list of all of that snippets to choose from,
    once you execute the “Default Shortcut”.

    E.g. you create three snippets with TeStIt as trigger
    and you press then the shortcut ESC, you will get
    an pop-up menu with that three items to chose from. Neat!

    That list is fine as it is, but not in an case like mine.
    Because i got a long list of all that snippets
    which have checked “Use Default Shortcut”
    but have no trigger written in the trigger field.
    And that was long in the meantime ;-)

    That means, pressing the shortcut,
    i got a pop-up with all snippets with an empty trigger.

    Using an trigger and pressing the shortcut,
    i got a pop-up with that snippet who has set that trigger
    PLUS all snippets with an empty trigger.

    I solved this by searching for snippets with the “Use Default Shortcut” enabled
    but without any trigger and removed the check mark at “[X] Use Default Shortcut”
    (i did that by exporting, s&r, importing the snippet-folder)

    Just for FYI for reverence.
    OR… perhaps EE shouldn’t be that smart?
    OR… maybe EE should warn me?

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