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    The filter function (filter toolbar) of Emeditor is very nice and amazing. It’s easy to filter out the un-expected contents and very fast.
    But I don’t know if possible to enhance this function. Since open a big file, even use filter, there are still lots of rows left. If we can type “multiple keywords”, then it will be higher efficiency.
    For example, if type:
    AA BB ——– If the rows include both AA and BB, then these rows will display
    AA BB CC—-The rows include AA, BB and CC will be display
    AA -BB——–If the rows include AA, but no BB, then these rows will display.
    AA -BB -CC—If the rows include AA, but no BB and CC, then these rows will display.
    AA BB -CC—-If the rows include AA and BB, but no CC, then these rows will display.

    I believe we can get same results by “Regular Expression”, but it’s a little complex. The above function will be more simple and faster.

    On the other hand, some Emeditor uses have no experiences on “Regular Expression”, if possible to simplify the filter function, such as use “Wildcard” as keywords to fuzzy filter.
    For example, P?T to match pit, pot, put………; P*t to match pt, put,pot, part,past…….This could be default behavior. If more complex situation, user can use “Regular Expression”.

    Yutaka Emura

    I am not sure if you tried, but you can use the Advanced Filter on the Filter toolbar.
    As for your second suggestion, I am not sure if the “Wildcard” is a good solution. Regular expressions should be easy to understand and flexible. Please let me know if you need more help.


    Hello, Yutaka Emura Sung, You’re right. I have just tried Advanced Filter. It can does as my exception and is acceptable. However, if we can type AA BB or AA -BB, it will be more convenient.

    For second requirements, I wanna say more. From myself, I like Emeditor very much and have a few experiences on Regular Expression. Almost everyday I use it to write or handle something. Therefore I often recommend it to my colleagues, my friends and my customers…….Some of them understand Regular Expression , but others feel crazy about it. We can’t assume all people are “computer expert” . A good software, should be not only powerful (has many many functions), but also as easier as possible. Then more and more people will like and use it.

    For your reference.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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