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    There’s already a function “Combine documents into a single file” under menu “tools -> split/combine”. But this function only combine opened files. If hundreds of files need to combine, it’s not convenient by existing function. Then I wish:
    .Combine documents which are not opened into a single file.Like “Find in files” function,we don’t need to open files but can find directly.
    My requirement is EmEditor can search all files under a folder and its sub folders, and then combine them together.

    Yutaka Emura

    Hello David,

    If you just want to combine files at disk, you can do that with the COPY command in Command Prompt, for instance:

    COPY file1.txt + file2.txt file3.txt


    COPY *.txt file3.txt

    What do you think?


    Yes, agree with you, we can use “COPY *.txt file3.txt” to do that. The challange is: if tens of files will be combined, the file order is a problem. In Emeditor, there’re UP and DOWN button available, we can move up or move down as requirements. But “COPY *.txt file3.txt” will do by default order (I guess it is according to alphanumber ascending of file name).
    Of course, we can use “COPY file3.txt + file1.txt+file9.txt file3.txt……”, but we need more efforts.


    I suggest to add command line options for that.
    See the 4 in this post: (Maybe too brief to be noticed, sorry.)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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