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    I just purchased EmEditor, and so far it’s marvelous !
    Congrats on being the authors of the best, fast and most feature rich editor for Windows !

    I have a little feature suggestion, which i miss after having used Notepad++ for years.

    – An independent context menu item in Explorer.
    So that, no matter which file I right-click in Explorer, people will always have an option “Edit with EmEditor”.

    So when, even if EmEditor is not (yet) associated to be the default opener of .js files, when I rightcliok a .js file, I have the option “Edit with EmEditor”.

    Good idea ? Bad ? Did i overlook something ?

    EDIT: I have the “Send To / EmEditor” context item, but it would be lots easier to have a simple “Open in Emeditor” without going through the Send To submenu.


    If I have not missed something in your post, an explorer shell menu extension already exists and is installed automatically. Don’t you have an item named “EmEditor” in Windows Explorer context menu?

    If not you probably use 64bit Windows but have installed the 32bit version of EmEditor. In that case, try installing the x64 version (32bit shell extensions don’t work with 64bit host OS).


    Exactly Athan,

    That’s what I just wanted to post. Due to other software containing more bugs/irregularities in the 64bit version compared to the 32bit one, I decided to install the 32bit version. I now have the 64bit one installed and all it working just fine.

    Thanks a lot ! :-)


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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