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    EmEditor is a really good text editor, but as noespam said, many free or open source text editor in windows platform can do almost the same thing EmEditor can do, so i think it needs more improvement and more outstanding features.

    1. Through Javascript or VBscript macros and plugins, EmEditor is highly extensible, but the macros or plugins developed by EmEditor users are much less than those in some other text editors, most of the current plugins are developed by Yutaka himself. Also there are little tutorial or howto documents talking about writing complex macros or developing plugins, except for EmEditor’s help file. If there are some comprehensive tutorials talking about these issues, perhaps EmEditor users can make many powerful features implemented by themselves.

    2. Plugins such as “Outline”, “Projects”, “Explorer”, “Web Preview” or “Open Documents” may open some custom bar in one side of the EmEditor window, but while there is one custom plugin bar displayed in one side of the main window, another one must be placed on other sides, so the maxium number of custom plugin bar can be displayed is 3. It will be better if EmEditor can make them “Docked” together or displayed in tabs, or, even in both way :-P , like some IDE environment or Ultraledit.

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