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    This is a feature that has been available for some time in most browsers and many editors.

    For example, in Notepad++ the dspellcheck plugin is used. Then the user downloads Hunspell or Aspell dictionaries and can set multiple languages to be spell checked in the same document at the same time. Maybe a similar approach would work with EmEditor? Spell checking is extremely important in an editor and with a high number of users working in more than one language at the same time, it would be an invaluable improvement. But not only. For example if one works with English varieties they would need two spell checkers, say one for American and one for British English.

    Yutaka Emura


    I might think about this in the future, but I believe it is easy to work around. Dictionary files are plain text files. If you look at en_US.dic in the Dictionaries folder of the EmEditor install path, you will see the list of words. You can simply combine two dictionaries to create a new language. You will also need .aff file. I believe you can use the same file for two languages.

    Another workaround is you can append either one dictionary to “UserDic.bin” file located in %appdata%\Emurasoft\EmEditor\Spell. “UserDic.bin” is a user dictionary. When you open “UserDic.bin“, you will need to specify UTF-16LE without signature.


    Thanks! I had tried combining them in the past but it did not work. As far as UserDic.bin is concerned you mean append both .aff and .dic files?


    For example, issues that may arise is conflicting encodings and encoding declarations between various .dic and .aff files.
    I.e. in Greek files I see Windows-1253 and in en_US.aff I see Western European and at the beginning of the file I see:

    SET ISO8859-1

    Creating versions of the files in UTF-8 did not work (suggestions were question mark symbols).

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