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    I’m sorry to say, but the current implementation of the spell checker leaves a lot to be desired. I’m sounding rather harsh but that’s really not my intentions.

    I’ll try to sum up some things that (in my opinion) could be improved, and some of these (UI improvement) should be very easy to do.

    1) Going through the “misspelled” words is clumsy, the default keyboard shortcuts which are documented in the help file are quite difficult in the current form. So, there’s only 1 option left, the clumsy way of digging through context submenu’s for every single word. It would be better to have some “Spell Checking Mode” which can be activated, as pointed out in point 3 below.

    2) In the context menu’s, the “Ignore All” & “Add to Dictionary” should be seperated from the proposed words, by a line, and definatelly a line between the “Ignore All” & “Add to Dictionary” items, because it’s so easy now to misclick and end up with a broken text file and/or a bad dictionary.

    So, in short : have a clearly visible seperator between the proposed replacements AND “Ignore All” AND “Add to Dictionary”.

    3) For going much easier through a spell check, I (and probably lots of others) can do nothing else to install a 6 years old plugin which was posted here a long time ago.
    This way, you at least have a window with all your needed actions immediately and not digging through submenu’s for EACH and EVERY single word for a multi million word text file.

    4) So, does the current version still work correctly with this dinosaur old plugin called “AspellChecker013” ?

    5) And most important, Are there any intentions to make a real (and much needed current) plugin for doing just that ?
    Having a window next to you so you at least get the courage to spell check in this otherwise wonderful editor ?

    Thanks a lot, and sorry for sounding harsh, my intention was to talk about the quite naked way the current spell checker was implemented. :-)

    Yutaka Emura

    We might work on improving the spell checker in future versions. Thanks!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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