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    According to Help system, the function of “View-> Marks” is to toggle the display/hide of newline and tab marks.
    Marks Toggles newline characters, EOF and tab marks.

    In Microsoft Word, there’s also a “mark” function. In “File->Options->display”, user can choose which marks will be displayed or hidden on the screen.
    EmEditor has same function under “tools->current configuration properties->marks “. In MS word, if click “Marks” button, all user-defined marks will display or hide at the same time. It’s very helpful to change the view from one status to the other. In EmEditor, if click “Marks” button, the newline and tab marks will display or hide immediately, but others (Space, full-width Space,indent line…..) will keep no change. We have to set them separately by different menu items “view->marks->xxx”. It needs more effort.

    Wish EmEditor has similar behavior with MS Word. Thanks!


    Is it possible ? Or is this requirement is reasonable?


    Or is this requirement is reasonable?

    For me it is.
    Support +

    Yutaka Emura

    v19.1.91 includes the “All Marks” command. You can find it on the View menu if it’s still the default, or you can find it in Quick Launch (or Keyboard Map) window. Thanks!


    Thanks for the implementation!

    I noticed the following:
    – Right click on buttonbar – Customise This Toolbar…
    – Available button: “Marks” –>

    When I press the “Marks” button, the “Spaces” are not displayed,
    other characters, e.g. “Newline Characters”, “End of File” and “Tabs” are shown.

    Can you please check and add “Spaces” to that?


    Yes, wish to add “Spaces” to the button “Marks”, not only half-width space, but also full-width space.


    With reference to what has been said before, it would be desirable,
    – if you could deactivate or activate the following selected menu items with the “Marks” button
    – taking into account 2 exceptions

    ☑ Newline Characters
    ☑ End of File
    ☑ Tabs
    ☑ Spaces
    ☑ Wide Spaces
    ☑ CR and LF with Different Marks –> PLEASE LEAVE UNCHANGED! (e.g. unticked) analogous to the behavior of the menu item “All Marks”
    ☑ Control Characters
    ☑ Indent Guides
    ☑ User-Defined Guides –> PLEASE LEAVE UNCHANGED! (e.g. ticked) – this is currently the case! ***)


    ***) Menu “View” – “Marks” – ” All Marks” –> The tick is REMOVED: “User-Defined Guides”

    Here, too, I would plead for the point “User-Defined Guides” to be left unchanged
    because there is a separate menu item for this purpose anyway: “Add/Remove User-Defined Guide”.
    [and I personally regard the line as a hint for a “line break”].


    Please therefore ask for examination.
    Thank you!

    Yutaka Emura

    v19.2 beta 2 (19.1.92) addressed this issue.
    Indent Guides will also be unchanged by the All Marks command.
    I also added the All Marks button to the toolbar, which looks same as the current “Marks” button, but meaning “All Marks”.
    Thank you!


    Thank you very much for checking and implementation!

    Personally I will mainly use the button “All Marks” in the future,
    as it meets my requirements best.


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