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    I perfer to use Emeditor to handle my CSV files mostly, instead of MS Excel, since its high speed on large file, and other powerful functions,such as filter and sort.
    By current filter toolbar,it’s very high efficient on single-criteria filter. However,for multi-criteria filter(different criteria for different column) ,I suggest to enhance the function “advanced filter “.

    Current workflow for “advanced filter “.
    1. open dialog box “advanced filter ”
    2. click “Add ” button
    3. type filter criteria in “Find”column
    4. activate other options
    5. Do above steps repeatly to add second or more filter criterias
    6. click “Filter” button to check the results. The dialog will close.

    The challange for me on this workflow is:
    If filter criterias are not so sure, I can’t get wanted results immediately. I have to open advanced filter dialog again to modify something. Especially on multi-criteria filter situation, the dialog close again…
    If I have three columns for filter, we have to change filter criterias many times.

    Suggest to this function :
    1.Add a “filter” field for typing filter criteria ,which is same as filter toolbar. See the following illustration .
    2.Firstly, once type something in “filter” field, other options can be activated,instead of grayed out .Importand thing is ,Emeditor can filter out un-wanted contents right now . If options changed, the contents also be refresh according to filter criteria and options ,just same with “Filter toolbar”.
    3.If need second filter ,we can click “Add”button . Then first filter created and start to second filter .Repeat above step .
    4. “Filter” button can be change to “Apply” or “close”…’s not for activate fitler function any more.

    Greedy ideas,just ideas like this, click dropdown list arrow in header, just like Excel:

    Yutaka Emura

    Thanks for suggestions. We will consider these in future versions.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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