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    “Word complete” is a very useful function from my point of view. It can improve input speed and reduce spelling errors. Especially, it will play an important role while typing non-mother languages. English is not my mother language, I often forget the right spelling and have to ask help from “Spell check”. I believe some people will have same situation with me. Then I wish EmEditor cam enhance “Word complete” to simplify the operations:

    1.” Word complete” function can list the repeat Word not only from current article, but also from a dictionary, for example, Spell check dictionary.
    2. It will be better if the dictionary can be edited by users. Or it accepts user-defined dictionary.
    3. It should has a new option: Add space character automatically after the word. Because mostly word from European languages should has a space character after it, but has not from Asian languages.
    4. It should has a new option: Quantity of listed repeat Word. Users can choose number 1-9 and then corresponding words will be listed.
    5. The default shortcut key for “Word complete” is “Enter” currently. We can change it. But I suggest change to “Tab”. This behavior will be similar with Microsoft Visual Studio.

    These are my suggestions. For your information.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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