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    currently TAB key in Find&Replace dialog selects also small buttons on right of the Find field and Replace field. So it’s not handy to switch quickly between find / replace fields. Moreover since Alt-Down invokes the history list (“v” small button) there is no need to have it selectable via TAB key. I wonder if the other button (“special characters”) may have some shortcut hotkey to invoke it – which would be far more productive than pressing Tab, then Space (currently implemented).

    Advantages of dedicated Hotkeys (Alt-Down currently)
    1. works in one click
    2. does not steal dialog focused field (the input focus remains in the field you’re editing)

    Disadvantages of TAB enumeration (currently implemented for “>” and “v” buttons)
    1. requires two actions, not as natural as Alt-…. hotkey
    2. steals focus from input field
    3. negates the ease of switching between Find, Replace boxes
    4. switch back with Shift-TAB select all the text in the field you were editing before so the cursor caret position is lost, which either requires a mouse to use or use a keyboard to navigate to the previous position in text

    How about Alt-RightArrow for the special chars button? or maybe Alt- (actually Alt-<.>)

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