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    I have been working with a large number of files on an adhoc basis. Is there a way to rotate the tabs from horizontal to a vertical list down the side (left side preferably)? I am using “When not fit” = “Add Rows” but I find a vertical list is easier to read.



    +1, although a furtherance of this request, as currently the left/right sides are used for the display area of various plugins…

    If Tabs on the Left/Right was to be considered, perhaps the display of the plugins themselves could be more modular and resizable.

    E.G. The Tabs on the Left/Right would be inside a dockable container that could be resized in all directions. The container could have a scroll bar or Up/Down buttons to bring other tabs into view that wont fit into the current height. Likewise the plugins would be inside a dockable container that could be resized.

    Thus you might have something like:

    |[↑][↓] |01| Edit Area
    |[File 1 ]|02|
    |[File 2 ]|03|
    |[File 3 ]|04|
    |Search |06|
    |Plugin |07|
    | |08|
    | |09|
    |Explorer |11|
    |Plugin |12|
    | |13|
    Yutaka Emura

    Hello SansHobo,

    How about “Open Documents” plug-in?


    The only problems I see with the “Open Documents”:
    1) The ContextMenu of “Open Documents” is missing items that are on a ‘real’ Tab’s contextMenu.
    2) †Disables, right-click + Scroll from cycling tabs (when it is focused.
    3) It would take up the left(or right) side plugin location.

    Although I did forget about that particular plugin, It’s similiar to Opera’s Window Panel, as opposed to tabs on the left/right — it feels less “solid”.


    I will work with it and let you know how it turns out.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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