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    I want to start working with tags. Where to start, how to start, what to do, how to define? I need everything related to the tags.
    Would you please guide me how to start using the tags with EmEditor?
    Thank you!



    What do you mean by “tags” ?

    Where have you read about tags?


    Tag Jump command

    Jumps to a tag.

    This command is used after running the Find in Files command, or for parsing an error log to locate a string or an error. If a file’s path and a line number are displayed at the start of a line, this command will open the file and jump to the line number in question.

    How to Run
    Default Menu: Edit > Advanced > Tag Jump



    Thanks Stefan!
    In order to create tags, should I run the ‘Tag Jump’ command each time after ‘Find in Files’ one? Could the tags be created automatically and be loaded with the associated files (like highlights)?
    Are there already ‘ready for use’ tag files created for the famous programming languages?
    Is it possible to edit/customize the tag files? How? Is there any template/tool for that?
    Hopefully I don’t ask too many questions 🙂
    Thank you in advance for any your comments!



    I have not tested this feature

    but i had the meaning it works like this:

    * execute an Find in Files command for an “word”

    * you get an result like:
    C:File1.txt Line 3 in this line is the word
    C:FileB.log Line 25 here is this word too

    * select an line and use “Edit > Advanced > Tag Jump”
    this command will open the file and jump to the line number in question.

    Maybe you can try it yourself?



    Thank you Stef! Of course, I’ll try it by myself!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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