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    Issue 1:
    I’m using several themes for different configurations.
    ** But now all the configurations show “EmEditor Standard” or “EmEditor Standard (modified)” in Display properties.
    I won’t touch them in case things go messy.
    Hope this can be fixed soon if still possible and hope all my theme names can be retrieved, before I have to change something in themes.

    Issue 2:
    User-defined strings in Highlight(1) in some configurations are not working now.
    Investigation with default settings shows:
    ** A configuration that has no “Default Keywords” by default (e.g. “Text” configuration) will not highlight “User-Defined Strings” in any case, even after you reset its Highlight(1) from any one else (e.g. “JavaScript for EmEditor”).

    Yutaka Emura

    As for Issue 1, can you check if REG_BINARY value “Themes” exists in registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\EmSoft\EmEditor v3\Common? If it does not exist, I am sorry but your theme definition is lost.

    I realize the Issue 2, and it will be fixed on the next version. To work around this, set the “Continue to Next Line” check box in Highlight (2) page of configuration properties. I am sorry for any inconveniences.


    > Issue 1:
    Yes, REG_BINARY value “Themes” exists.
    And the names can be seen in ASCII view.

    Yutaka Emura

    First, please open RegEdit.exe and export the Themes value.
    Then you can click the Theme drop-down list box to see if there are other names hidden.
    You can also send me the exported .reg file (after zipped) at tech @, and I will see if I can recover the theme info.


    The names are still there in the list.
    But I cannot tell which configuration uses which theme.

    I see the “Themes” value only keeps the names and settings of themes. The theme name that a configuration is using must have been saved in that configuration settings. But apparently it is already removed/lost, isn’t it?

    Names are less important than the theme settings.
    I might make time to export and rebuild them.


    Issue A:
    Select an item whose color is “(None)”.
    ** The color for the new item should also be “(None)”.

    Issue B:
    Select an item.
    Click its color in the list to change it.
    ** The item now is in editing mode.

    Issue C:
    Now the Color column is on the right side, and wider (than the left icon), more easy to be clicked by accident. And the result is annoying…
    (And its text is truncated by default, one might miss the unwanted change.)
    The old design (clicking left icon changes the color) is much better. Currently the icon has no use, but takes the room.
    At least need a more cautious way for color switching, maybe middle-clicking?

    Issue D:
    As for the truncated colors, if the shortened names are not a good idea (, how about making (all) such windows maximizable, so when we want to see all the truncated text, we need not drag to change the size of the window/column. We just (1) press “Alt+Space – X”, or (2) double-click the title bar, or (3) click the Maximize button.
    Or, refer to Windows’ Open/Save dialog, which has no Maximize button, but can be pseudo-maximized via (1) or (2).

    Issue E:
    “RefreshCommonSettings” is not in Highlight(1).

    I suggest using CamelCase in VBEE/VBS by default.


    Hope the appearance of Highlight(1) can be optimized further.
    At least issue A and E should be addressed.

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