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    Hi guys,

    For my first attempt at macros, I decided to try a PHP comment toggler. This is because I can only find existing functions in EmEditor to comment or uncomment, but not to do both in one keypress.

    It basically just adds // to the beginning of the line if it’s not there, and removes it if it is. It should put the cursor back where it was before hand.

    xPos = document.selection.GetActivePointX(eePosView);
    str = document.selection.Text;
    if (str == '//'){
    document.selection.CharRight(false, xPos-3)
    } else {
    document.selection.Text = "//" + str;
    document.selection.CharRight(false, xPos-5)

    I have NO idea if this is the best way to do it or not, but it works perfect for me. What it doesn’t do however is check every line – It only does the first. If anyone can extend its functionality to do that too it would be perfect for me. I suspect there’s also a function somewhere to get the current configuration’s comment and add that instead of the hard coded // that I’ve put in this?

    I hope it’s of some use to some people?

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