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    There seems to be a problem with the TSV mode format that is associated with the Large File Controller.

    If I open a large file that is in standard TSV format (standard ASCII, windows format, no special characters), the screen format of the file is not as expected at the end of the load. In Normal mode the file has a header row of length 730 followed by 819752 rows of data length 553. The file is just over 300MB in size.

    When viewed in TSV mode, the columns are set to 10 chars wide regardless of how large the data contained in each column and show as tab stops on the ruler. In reality, some of the columns are 250 chars wide.

    If I copy and paste the first 20 rows into a new document, the TSV mode format works as expected.

    As the file contains production data I am unable to send screenshots.

    On a similar theme I have noticed what might be a related bug. On opening a TSV file that requires the Large File Controller, at the end of the load the detection algorithm occasionally fails to detect the correct mode and leaves the file displayed in Normal mode. As I’ve not been able to reproduce this problem reliably I’ve not raised this as a bug so far.


    Yutaka Emura

    Hello spudly,

    Thank you for using EmEditor Professional!

    I reproduced the problem with a large file. Since it takes long time to adjust a large file, EmEditor did not automatically adjust columns when it opens a large file. On the next minor version, EmEditor will look on the first 100000 lines to adjust columns.

    Please make sure “Detect TSV” is checked in the File tab of configuration properties. If this is checked for the opened file configuration, EmEditor should always detect a TSV file if a file is properly separated by tabs.

    Please let me know if you have further questions. Thank you!

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