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    typewriter mode comes from those full-screen writer editors… It’s handy on text editors too (like sublime).

    It makes the editing line centered, so the eyes can rest on a more natural position.



    Do you mean the behaviour reachable by F11 key?

    EmEditor Home – EmEditor Help – Command Reference – View category
    Full Screen command

    Toggles the full screen mode.

    How to Run
    Default Menu: View > Full Screen
    All Commands: View > Full Screen
    Status Bar: None
    Default Shortcut Key: F11



    No, it’s not about the screen, bars, etc…
    It’s about how text scroll.
    The insert point (cursor) is always at the center of the screen.



    That sounds like an automatically scrolling feature.

    Isn’t that disturbing?

    I think I have never seen this feature in EmEditor.

    There are only this shortcuts

    Alt+PageUp – move cursor at top of screen
    CTRL+UP ARROW – Scrolls the document up by one line

    Hmm, but from that we can create an script
    to move line with cursor into horizontal mid of screen:

    ////scroll line with cursor in horizontal mid screen
    yPosCurr = document.selection.GetActivePointY( eePosView );
    xPos = document.selection.GetActivePointX( eePosView );
    editor.ExecuteCommandByID(4292); //Moves the cursor to the top of the current window.
    yPosTop = document.selection.GetActivePointY( eePosView );
    editor.ExecuteCommandByID(4293); //Moves the cursor to the bottom of the window
    yPosBot = document.selection.GetActivePointY( eePosView );
    yPosMid = parseInt(yPosTop + ((yPosBot - yPosTop) / 2) );
    iDiff = parseInt( (yPosBot - yPosTop) / 2 );
    if(yPosCurr < yPosTop){ iDiff += (yPosTop - yPosCurr);}
    if(yPosCurr > yPosBot){ iDiff += (yPosCurr - yPosBot);}
    if(yPosCurr > yPosMid){
    for( i=1; i < iDiff; i++){
    // Scrolls the document down by one line.
    for( i=1; i < iDiff; i++){
    // Scrolls the document up by one line
    document.selection.SetActivePoint( eePosView, xPos, yPosCurr, false );

    Hmm, that script is a nice feature. Could use this myself often.

    But not what you are after, I understood.

    I have added Ctrl+Alt+M to that script,
    and now, whenever I had scrolled my cursor line
    out of view, this will bring the line back to mid screen.
    Nifty, thanks for idea :-D

    Now I can leave the cursor in the current line and use the
    scroll bar to go to another place in the document to spot
    some information, then pressing Ctrl+Alt+M scrolls back to
    the line with the cursor.

    I wonder if this is not already implemented? I go RTFM again…


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