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    I couldn’t seem to find a UK (or preferably Australian) English spelling plug-in or dictionary to work with EmEditor v11. After some research and Googling I found the following website:

    There are dictionaries for many languages on this website. In my case I selected English/Australian and it takes you to the specific dictionaries webpage. On this page is a button titled “Get IT!” – click this button and it will download a file titled “dict-en-au-2008-12-15.oxt” (“au” for “Australian”). You can open a “*.oxt” file with 7zip (and other zip type software I presume). In the .oxt tile you will find many files but the two you need are en_AU.aff and en_AU.dic (substitute “en_AU” for your language preference). Extract these files and copy them to the “Dictionary” directory where EmEditor is installed.

    You will need to use the Edit->Spelling->Dictionaries menu option to set your new dictionary as the default.

    I hope this helps.

    Peter 8-)

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