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    1) The Find Toolbar constantly blinks (refreshes?) and causes blinking of other toolbars and top menu, especially when I select text. This happens when I have tabs, but not with buttons.

    2) Right-click on the toolbar and chose Refresh. Right-click again. HTML Toolbar and Find Toolbar are both displayed as Toolbar.

    3) When Macros Toolbar does not fit, click its >> spillover buttton on the right. If both #title and #tooltip directive are defined, the spillover menu uses #tooltip for text. I would expect it to use #title or script name.

    The new macro directives are a great addition. The #title directive works only with the Macros Toolbar, it has no effect when I add macro to my custom toolbar. If this is by design, it should be mentioned in the Help.

    beta 23 and earlier, windows 2000 +sp4

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