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    Has anyone created (or know of a good approach to) a macro that will append numbers vertically? (Abililty to re-number would also be great!)

    I seem to deal a lot with the following pseudo-code that needs to be duplicated an then numbered for as many times as is needed. In some cases, the code is a single line of text and others it is a block of code.

    At the moment, I seem to have to create a unique recorded macro for each situation in order to make the changes repeatable.

    Is there a better way?


    Code to be repeated:

    var# = Item#.Lookup('Name#');


    var1 = Item1.Lookup('Name1');
    var2 = Item2.Lookup('Name2');
    var3 = Item3.Lookup('Name3');
    var4 = Item4.Lookup('Name4');
    var5 = Item5.Lookup('Name5');
    var6 = Item6.Lookup('Name6');
    var7 = Item7.Lookup('Name7');
    var8 = Item8.Lookup('Name8');
    var9 = Item9.Lookup('Name9');
    var10 = Item10.Lookup('Name10');
    var11 = Item11.Lookup('Name11');

    try this

    // save current position
    var g_curX = document.selection.GetActivePointX(eePosLogical);
    var g_curY = document.selection.GetActivePointY(eePosLogical);

    function newLine() {
    // make new line

    function main() {
    var line;
    if (document.selection.IsEmpty) {
    // get current single line
    document.selection.StartOfLine(false, eeLineLogical);
    document.selection.EndOfLine(true, eeLineLogical);
    line = document.selection.Text;
    } else {
    line = document.selection.Text;

    if (line.indexOf('#')>0) {
    var strNum = prompt("how many times do you want to repeat?", "10");
    repeatnum = parseInt(strNum);

    // is it numeric?
    if (!isNaN(repeatnum)) {


    // do repeat
    for (var i=1; i<=repeatnum; i++) {
    document.writeln(line.replace(/#/g, i));

    document.selection.SetActivePoint(eePosLogical, g_curX, g_curY);


    First of all:
    Thank you for your post!!

    Interesting approach. The part that is a challenge though is how do we re-number them once it has been numbered? That is where I got stuck.

    The other goofy part is that you cannot count on the digits being the same number or in the same location for each line, so you can’t just go down the lines and update the numbers.

    Brain burner.


    how do we re-number them once it has been numbered?

    I wonder if this might help

    var src = "var17 = Item17.Lookup('Name17');"
    var re = /d+/g;
    var arr;
    while ((arr = re.exec(src)) != null)
    document.writeln(arr.index + "-" + arr.lastIndex + "t" + arr);

    this shows

    3-5 17
    12-14 17
    27-29 17

    I think you are on to something here.

    Some kind of combination of your previous script and this one, based on whether or not you have a selection(?) perhaps?

    I.e. If you have a selection it does a replacement (above script). And if no selection, it pops up a dialog box and prompts you for the number of times to replicate the current line (previous script), replacing the digits. (So long as there are no other digits in the text).


    Thanks again for your feedback!

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