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    Assuming I would change the computer, would I have to save any EmEditor files (as backup) regarding bookmarks?
    Where are bookmarks actually stored?

    Bookmarks in text files
    1. EmEditor Pro installed
    2. EmEditor Pro portable

    EmEditor Professional (64-bit) Version 21.6.907
    Windows 10 Pro (x64) Version 21H2 (OS build 19044.1645)


    I would like to add the following:

    Installed version:
    Tools -> Customize… -> History

    [✓] Save Cursor Position: 30000	days  (default)
    [✓] Save Bookmarks:         100	days  (default)


    FROM: Save Bookmarks:  	    100 days
    TO:   Save Bookmarks:      6500 days

    Portable Version:

    FROM: Save Bookmarks:  	    100 days
    TO:   Save Bookmarks:      6500 days

    Start of the installed version:
    Tools -> Customize… -> History

    [✓] Save Cursor Position:  100 days	!??
    [✓] Save Bookmarks:        100 days	!??

    Start of the portable version:
    Tools -> Customize… -> History

    [✓] Save Cursor Position:  100 days	!??
    [✓] Save Bookmarks:        100 days	!??

    In the installed version, another attempt was made to restore the original values (default).
    A change is currently not possible, i.e. both values remain at 100 days.

    Please Check.
    Thank you!

    I am mainly interested in finding out whether the bookmarks are retained after a change of PC.
    and – after this action – to find out how long the bookmarks are retained in a .TXT file.


    On the subject of “bookmarks”, there is another problem for me with regard to my “backup strategy”:
    My asymmetrical backups in Total Commander are made daily [several times] from drive D: to I:, J:, N:

    Drive D: is my “main drive” where I create the bookmarks in the text files in the installed EmEditor version.

    With the installed version, ONLY the bookmarks in text files from drive D: are taken into account,
    i.e. if I open the same text file – for some reason – from drives I:, J:, N:, then there are NONE left there!
    There would only be the tedious workaround of saving a text file with “Save as…” to drives I:, J:, N: respectively,
    so that they are also available there(!).

    Just for the sake of order, I would like to mention that bookmarks saved in the installed version
    are NOT available in the portable version and vice versa.

    Also with regard to a possible new PC (because of Windows 11) it is currently questionable for me,
    whether I should continue to create bookmarks, although I otherwise like this function very much.

    Yutaka Emura

    On the new version, 100 days is the maximum value for both Save Cursor Position and Save Bookmarks options. This was to prevent file history from becoming too large.

    The bookmark and cursor position info is stored in %APPDATA%\Emurasoft\EmEditor\Common\FileAttr.bin.

    If you make automatic backups (using TotalCommander), you should restore the files (or move the files to original drive/location) before opening the files to see bookmarks.


    Thank you for this advice!

    This is my current situation.

    BACKUP of bookmarks – ONLY installed version (“.ini, .reg”):

    Name/Ext		Size		Date				Attr
    FileAttr.bin	1 224 519	25.11.2021 11:54	-a--

    Bookmarks CURRENT from installed version:
    C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Emurasoft\EmEditor\Common\ … %APPDATA%\Emurasoft\EmEditor\Common\

    Name/Ext		Size		Date				Attr
    FileAttr.bin	   84 689	29.04.2022 12:59	-a--

    Bookmarks CURRENT from portable version:

    Name/Ext		Size		Date				Attr
    FileAttr.bin	    9 072	29.04.2022 12:15	-a--
    REPLACE Bookmarks CURRENT from:		Name/Ext		Size		Date				Attr
    - Portable version ...........:     FileAttr.bin	    9 072	29.04.2022 12:15	-a--
    - Installed version ..........:		FileAttr.bin	   85 464	29.04.2022 12:14	-a--

    Start EmEditor Professional (64-bit) Version 21.6.0 portable.
    Bookmarks from installed version are available in portable version!

    This eliminates one problem, provided that the text files are ALWAYS in the same DRIVE and PATH where the bookmarks were created.
    At the same time, however, this means that later, e.g. after replacing a hard disk or PC, you must know
    on which drive you have saved your text files.

    > On the new version, 100 days is the maximum value for both Save Cursor Position and Save Bookmarks options.
    Please explain in more detail what exactly this means in practice.

    Here is an example and comments from me:

    BACKUP of bookmarks (25.11.2021) and Bookmarks CURRENT (29.04.2022) from installed version are DIFFERENT.
    Name/Ext		Size		Date		 		Note
    FileAttr.bin	1 224 519	25.11.2021 11:54	Backup  (only made when settings are changed)
    FileAttr.bin	   84 689	29.04.2022 12:59	Current

    1) What does the big difference in file size mean to me?
    Have bookmarks already saved here been deleted? Which and in which textfiles?
    Was my work here maybe even for the dustbin?

    2) Is there currently no way to view/access saved bookmarks in text files after 100 days?

    3) It is advertised on EmEditor’s first webpage as follows: “Easily handle files up to 16 TB”
    and EmEditor has a problem with a “file history” because of bookmarks?

    I really hope I’m wrong and that everything I said in “Notes to Questions” about “saved bookmarks” isn’t true.

    In any case, I would like to ask you for an answer so that I can decide for myself whether it still makes sense to use bookmarks
    in EmEditor Professional (64-bit) – currently Version 21.6.907.

    Yutaka Emura

    1) The difference in size is due to the difference in the number of files (including bookmark info).

    2) Correct.

    3) “Easily handle files up to 16 TB” and “file history” are not related at all.

    I hope this clarifies your questions.


    Thank you for your answer.

    With your information, bookmarks become superfluous for me.

    I would have prepared this supplementary question – but it is now superfluous for me too,
    but perhaps it will interest other users.

    “In this context, I also noticed that the favourites <“Pin to this (favorite) list”> are also stored in the file “FileAttr.bin“,
    because they were also transferred to the portable version.

    This also raises the question for the favourites: Are they influenced in any way by the 100-day limit?
    Does the 100-day calculation generally apply from the date of creation, modification or access?”

    Yutaka Emura

    “Pin to this (favorite) list” should NOT be influenced by 100-day limit.
    The 100-day calculation applies from the date of access.


    Thank you for answering this question as well.

    Just to avoid any misunderstanding due to my “spelling” above:
    I appreciate your work very much(!).

    Only the 100 day limit on bookmarks makes this feature useless for me. :-(

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