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    There is now a poll available to vote for the features you think should be included in EmEditor.

    You can vote for features which should be included in future versions. You can only vote once, but you can check as many items as you want. If your requested is not listed here, please have yours included before you vote since you can vote only once.

    Thank you for your input! :-)



    Excuse me. Where to vote? May I recommend some new features now?



    To place your vote:

    1. Go to the EmEditor website homepage (
    2. Make sure you are logged into your account.
    3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

    You should see under the “Recent Topics” (forum) section, a section titled “Polls”. You can click in the boxes to the left of the items to select them. Once you have selected all of the items you would like to vote for, click the “Vote!” button on the very bottom of the screen.

    If the item you would like to vote for is not in the list, please let us know before you cast your vote, so that we may add it to the list for you.

    Does this all make sense? If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. :-) Thanks!



    The vote results page placed here –
    looks ugly. Lots of points user can vote for, but no sorting. At least add static sorting by popularity descending.
    What does those 1\% mean? Which number you assume correspond to 100\%?
    Probably the number of the registered users, right? Would be better to assume general number of voters is 100\%. That will make vote results easy to understand. Thanks.



    That’s a great idea, ger, unfortunately, there is no way to customize the way the voting results appear. What you see, is what you get. I cannot adjust the view using the voting feature of the website, it is not customizable, sorry!

    In regards to the percentages, they refer to the total number of votes for an individual item divided by the total number of votes for the poll.



    Great desktop programmers and lazy web ones… it is so sad.
    Anyway – here is a link to nice-looking up-to-date vote results
    Hope someone will enjoy it.
    Best regards and thanks again for your work.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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