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    I am unhappy with the new spyware registration.
    I paid for EmEditor, and now I cannot use it because I do not have
    internet connection on my computer.
    I cannot afford it.
    The upgrade killed my text editor that I have used for four years.
    I had to clean out emeditor, all versions and reinstall version 8.
    I will not agree to the spyware, even if I can get internet later, after graduation.
    The portable version is not in the registry like the normal version, so it
    cannot work the way I have set things up.
    Thanks a lot.
    The computer belongs to me, and not to you. I paid you, and now you seem to feel I have to open my computer to your inspection so that I can use what I paid for.


    Paul Breen

    Yutaka Emura

    First of all, you can use EmEditor without internet connection.

    And EmEditor is not spyware. It does not send your personal information. It merely sends a part of your registration key without your email address when you register and when EmEditor checks for updates.

    If you don’t want EmEditor send your registration key, please select “Never” from the Update Checker option, and then EmEditor will never connect to the Internet except once when you register your copy of EmEditor.

    Sending registration key at time of registering the key is necesssary in order to fight against software piracy. When I looked at the server log, I was astonished to see so many people use EmEditor without valid keys. We had to validate keys to prevent software piracy in order for us to keep developing EmEditor in coming years.

    However the validation is not so strictly enforced. If you don’t have internet connection, the validation will be ignored.

    Thanks for using EmEditor!


    Your statements do not reconcile with my experience.
    If you click “no”, during installation, because you do not have internet, the old emeditor is clobbered.
    finito, bashed, kaput, dead, history, and it will not work.

    You say “EmEditor will never connect to the Internet except once when you register your copy of EmEditor.” Well, that exception is kind of important, don’t you think, since emeditor wll not work without a live connection? How can I change the upgrade option if Emeditor will not even install?

    When I installed version 9 and did not have the new registration number, it killed my valid installation of version 8. I have upgraded emeditor many times without using a new number, so how was I to know? It used to be so easy to upgrade this editor, it was one of my favorites. It always kept the old options, etc I trusted it without paying close attention. I have many editors and the upgrade policy you have used to be the best, and it still is, price-wise.
    At any rate, why did the failed installation disable my previous installation?

    I do not actually believe that you are spying on me. Spyware is a term for software that sends information back to someone, without the user’s express intention. Why do I have to be connected to the internet? It is like the difference between calling something the “estate tax” or the “death tax”, depends on your favorite version of spin.

    I have had this battle with other companies and some will send me a code by email and some will only upgrade through a live connection. I don’t deal with those companies, obviously. If you state this up front, OK. but you have changed the rules after the purchase. You deserve not to be ripped off, and I don’t have to be on the internet. If you can resolve this, I would appreciate it.
    Paul Breen

    Yutaka Emura

    You should click “Yes” to “Do you agree?” message when you first launch EmEditor. Then everything should work fine even without internet connection.


    I personally think the online authentication of registration key is acceptable, if customer’s privacy is properly protected. As Paul said, there are many other software companies protect their products via online authentication, including gigantic ones like Microsoft and Adobe.

    But I believe if EmEditor provides more informative instruction to users in different situation, such as those don’t have internet connection, Paul would be more satisfied, since most of companies described above provides very informative instruction and (or) alternative way for accomplishing the authentication task. :-)


    Activation/validation is common for most software today and as Yutaka said it will work without a internet connection as well which is a lot more user friendly then for a lot of other software available that won’t work at all unless you activate online. Also online activation is so common today i cannot understand why anyone with a valid license would find it to be a problem. Especially in this case where online activation is not really required and no personal information is sent.
    I must also add that i had no problem understanding that version 9 required a new key since this information was easy to find and really hard to miss. The process to get a new key i also found easy and fast.
    I can fully understand this change and give emurasoft my full support trying to stop people from stealing their products.


    Personaly I choose EmEditor as it not require activation (comparing to other editors on purchase time) For me this was advantage over other editors, now it not


    lexxmt2 wrote:
    Personaly I choose EmEditor as it not require activation (comparing to other editors on purchase time) For me this was advantage over other editors, now it not

    I assume you use emeditor for other reasons as well so there is still reasons why you prefer emeditor and not just because of “no activation”?

    Unless i’m wrong emeditor do not have a limit how many times you can activate so should not cause a problem if you reinstall or move emeditor to a new computer. Also as Yutaka already said validation is not required so if you have no internet connection it will still work. So basically the only change since version 8 is that some info is sent to emurasoft when you enter your serial if connected to internet, but no personal info is being sent. I cannot really see how the activation should be a problem for the paying customers in this case. I have seen far worse way of implemeting activation for software.

    I guess you should blame those that is too cheap to pay a few buck for this great editor.

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