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    Hello Yutaka,

    often I have the need to move / jump to the END of a WORD.
    Like: Word1                Word2                 Word3
    I want to jump directly behind “1” of “Word1”, not before Word2 and go left many times.
    Could you please implement that feature natively? (Or is there already such feature?)

    And also a macro command like
    Move Cursor: document.selection.WordEnd( [ bExtend [, nCount ] ] );

    In the meantime I use a limited macro like this:

    //yLinePosA = document.selection.GetActivePointY(eePosLogical);
    //xColuPosA = document.selection.GetActivePointX(eePosLogical);
    Redraw = false;
    document.selection.Find("\\b\\s",eeFindNext | eeFindReplaceRegExp);
    document.HighlightFind = false;
    //document.selection.SetAnchorPoint(eePosLogical, xColuPosA, yLinePosA);

    (GetActivePoint and SetAnchorPoint are only need to perform an additional selection)

    Thank you for making EmEditor.

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