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    Issue 1:
    WordComplete is enabled.
    One window and one tab (empty).
    Enable the option: Do not share process between documents (disables tabs).
    It will ask “… EmEditor will restart now.”
    ** It will ask to “Close All”. (It’s unnecessary in this case for there’s only one new tab.)
    Select “Close All”.
    ** EmEditor exits but won’t restart.
    Actually this is a crash. Because I find e.g. the change of Recent File List has not been saved.

    Issue 2:
    WordComplete is enabled.
    Open tab-1 with configuration A. WordComplete uses the properties for configuration A.
    Now open tab-2 with configuration B.
    Go back to tab-1.
    ** Now in tab-1 WordComplete uses the properties for configuration B.

    Issue 3:
    The candidate list should automatically move away from the scroll/output bar, or get in front of it.
    See the image: (Note the Z-order is not correct as well in the left/middle image.)

    Issue 4:
    Disabling WordComplete should also close the candidate list if it is shown.

    + Suggestion:
    Is it possible to make WordComplete also work for multiple selections?


    Yutaka Emura


    I am fixing all issues except Issue 2. Can you please provide a procedure to reproduce this issue? How can you tell that in tab-1 WordComplete uses the properties for configuration B?
    Are you using the portable version or the installer version of EmEditor?




    Issue 1 is not yet fixed for some conditions.

    1. Initial launch EmEditor 17.1.3 portable version 64 bit
    2. Enable “Word Complete” plugin
    3. Enable “Do not share process between documents”
    4. Restart
    => OK

    But if add a new plugin from the Library, for example: “Bookmarks” or “FindAndCenter”…etc
    And then repeat above step 2 ~ step 4, it will be crash.


    Yutaka Emura

    Hello sky,

    The crash is due to old plug-ins with the older library. All the standard plug-ins (which come with the EmEditor installer) are fixed with v17.1.3.



    >Issue 2:
    Thanks for the clue.
    I tested in v17.1.4 and confirmed that both issue 1 and 2 were caused by certain old plug-ins.
    So the only choice is to find and remove them?

    If the reply is still needed:
    I can tell it because the contents of Highlight (1) and the settings of WordComplete are different between A and B.

    >Issue 3:
    + Minimap
    + Status bar

    Issue 5:
    When a configuration name is obsolete, the data needs to be cleared in such entries:



    Issue 2 is actually caused by Snippets:
    Run Snippets background or foreground.
    Enable WordComplete.
    Open tab-1 with configuration “x86 Assembler”.
    Open tab-2 with configuration “Bat”.
    Go back to tab-1.
    Input “e”.
    ** You can see that in tab-1 WordComplete is using the keywords for configuration “Bat”.

    Issue 6:
    Set “Bat” as default configuration.
    Enable WordComplete.
    Input “e”.
    ** WordComplete will not load the keywords, unless you disable and enable it again, or select the configuration again.



    Hello Yutaka,
    Maybe you missed this thread.
    Please take a look again at issue 2, 3(Minimap), 5, 6.


    Yutaka Emura

    Hello LTT,
    These issues except Issue 5 will be addressed on beta 5.

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