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    To visually structure text or code with long lines, it’s necessary to show auto-wrapped parts of lines that start with spaces or tabs with “soft” indention (without adding spaces or tabs into the text/code after these auto-wraps) so that the auto-wrapped line-parts have the same visual white space amout as the beginning of the long auto-wrapped text/code line.

    Without this feature, EmEditor is simply not sufficient for structured text or code (e.g. xhtml) with long lines.

    To see how such a feature works, take a look at TextPad (or UltraEdit/UEStudio).


    Yutaka Emura

    This feature has been implemented on Version 7 beta 11. Thanks!



    This is an excellent feature, indeed! Yutaka, thank you for implementing it!

    I have one suggestion about this function. When long lines are indented just as other lines, it becomes difficult to tell from one glance is it a new line or not. When I write my code, I usually wrap its long lines, and all the parts intend one TAB more than the beginning of the line. For example:

    char* value = “This is a very, very, very long line! So long, that I had “
    “to wrap it to new line, and even that was not sufficient and “
    “a third line became necessary”;

    So, it would be very useful if EE allowed those auto-wrapped part of long lines indent not only the same indentation as the beginning of the line was, but one TAB more (or several spaces – of course, better if it were configurable).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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