Warning Against Unauthorized Usage – crack, keygen, serial, etc.

This is an important notice for all EmEditor users in order to protect our products from users who have illegally obtained and used registration keys.

It is prohibited for software users to possess unauthorized registration keys, obtained from anyone or any websites providing illegal serial numbers through crackers or Keygen groups. This is absolutely a violation of international and United States copyright laws. We, Emurasoft, Inc., only provide valid registration keys for customers who complete the registration and purchase processes. However, we have noticed that invalid serial numbers have been increasingly generated by crackers and Keygen groups and distributed to a wide range of areas all over the world.

In order to insist on justice and heighten our productivity as a vendor and developer, we are aggressively against all those who have provided any sources supporting illegal applications and those who have abused our products. Sharing software registration keys with others is also prohibited.

Every user must have his/her own registration key acquired from the organizations authorized by Emurasoft, Inc.

Moreover, employing unregistered serial numbers could cause dangers and problems that are not easily remedied. No invalid license holders should be supported, since there is a risk of virus infection and other privacy issues. Obtaining a registration key from cracker or Keygen groups may expose your computer or personal information to Trojan or other viruses. Not only could it destroy your crucial files, but it could also infect your computer. This action would cause injury to yourself and others due to improper applications. We have created our original instructions and policies on the product usage in order for users to enjoy our products. Therefore, we strongly encourage all EmEditor users to consider what we have pointed out in this notice, and ask all users to purchase valid registration keys.

Cracked Versions Warning

Emurasoft, Inc. has identified offers for the sale of unauthorized copies of its software. These versions are most likely cracked versions of EmEditor and may not work properly. Such offers constitute a violation of Emurasoft, Inc.’s intellectual property rights. Copyright and patent laws strictly prohibit the sale and use of unauthorized software. Violators are subject to severe punishment. Emurasoft, Inc. takes the protection of its intellectual property very seriously. We closely monitor a wide range of Web sites for signs of infringement, and make full use of all legal remedies at our disposal to prosecute unauthorized distribution and use of our software.

Potential buyers of such illegal products should realize that they face a significant risk of paying for software which will in fact never be delivered. We encourage you to beware of such offers. EmEditor takes no responsibility for the results of using, or support of the use of, cracked versions of EmEditor. If you are interested in EmEditor software, we invite you to contact us here. We will be happy to provide all the licenses you require and, unlike unlawful distributors, to provide you with all the support and services you deserve.

How to Spot Illegal Cracked Software

If you are purchasing our software from an online seller other than EmEditor or a well-known, trusted retailer, watch out for these warning signs:

  • “Too good to be true” pricing
  • EmEditor OEM
  • Previously registered software
  • Restricted-use software
  • Anonymous sellers
  • No refund policy

Warning Against crack, kegen, etc.

Using crack, kegen, or other programs to get a registration key illegally or modify the program is extremely dangerous. These programs can install dangerous programs called ‘spyware’ into your computer without notice. Spyware can retrieve your credit card and other personal information, and then your personal information can be sold via the Internet. If an incident occurs, your credit cards can be used without your notice, and your email addresses can be used without your notice. Therefore, do NOT use these illegal programs. Emurasoft takes no responsibility for: the results of using, or support of the use of, keygens or cracked versions of EmEditor. If you have ever used crack or kegen programs, we strongly recommend you fully scan your computer using an anti-virus or anti-spyware program.

The following YouTube video prove that crack and keygen programs are spyware.

Most crack and keygen authors are not amateur, but they are professional developers who earn money by selling personal information. Again, do NOT use crack or keygen programs in order to protect your personal information.