Compare Portable and UWP App Versions

Save in protected folder
Associate with EmEditor
Add a shortcut to the Start Menu
Add a shortcut to the “Send To” menu
Display a tray icon when Windows Starts
EmEditor Quick Start
View Source by EmEditor on Internet Explorer
Context Menu on Explorer
Add EmEditor to Internet Explorer HTML editor list
Supports Windows 7 Jump List
Automatic updates
Other features
Pros and consAll of the EmEditor features are available. The launch and operation speed is the highest. You may encounter problems with other installed applications while installing or uninstalling the program.Installation is not necessary, because there is no read and write to the registry. It is safe to use as long as you save the data the INI file. But the launch and operating speed is slower than the Installer version.Without affecting the system, this version can be safely installed and uninstalled. Because UWP app runs within the app container, the impact to the system does not occur. Reading and writing to the registry will be redirected to the app dedicated registry. This version does not affect the entire system registry. Also, since UWP app version does not use INI file, its speed is almost the same as the speed of EmEditor’s installer version.
Time to execute a test macro (for your information)17.6 seconds47.0 seconds18.9 seconds
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