New in Version 19.3

October 8, 2019

New General Features

  • The new version sets multiple strings as the Advanced Filter when selecting multiple lines or making multiple selections, and then selecting the Filter, Filter Out, Filter in Column, or Filter Out in Column command.
  • The new version adds multiple strings to the Markers or removes multiple strings from the Markers when selecting multiple lines or making multiple selections, and then selecting the Add to Markers or Add to/Remove from Markers command.
  • Added the Bookmark All command to the menu displayed when right-clicked on a button in the Marker toolbar.
  • Added more options to customize the Start window.
  • The new version displays a context menu when right-clicked outside the list controls in the Start window.
  • Added the Pipe separated format to the default CSV format definitions, and change the title of a existing format to Comparison Report.
  • Improved the speed of various operations when the document contains a very long line.

Test results:

Move cursor in a very large document without newlines59.9 seconds8.72 seconds6.87 times faster

* 3.38 GB, 1 line (no newlines), XML file, run a macro to move to the end of line, and then 1,000 characters left. Use Temporary Files on.
Windows 10 (64-bit), Core i9-9900K, 32GB RAM, 2TB SSD.

New Options

  • Added the Prompt when Saving Unicode as ANSI check box, Encoding drop-down list box, and Newline Character drop-down list box to the Source documents and destination file page of the Combine Documents into a Single File wizard.
  • Added the Show Additional Buttons, Snap to Main Window, Date Modified, Type, and Size check boxes, and Large Icons and Small Icons radio buttons to the Customize Start Window dialog box.