New in Version 14.7

December 22, 2014

This new version further improves the CSV and Filter features of version 14.6.

Improved Filter Features

The new version adds an Adavanced Filter dialogue box, allowing you to specify a column to the filter in CSV documents. You can also specify multiple levels of the filter. In addition, the new version includes a Negative button in the Filter toolbar that allows you to exclude the matched lines.

More Sorting Options

The new Sort Shortest to Longest and Sort Longest to Shortest buttons in the CSV/Sort toolbar allow you to sort the document by length.

Other New Features

New Feature

  • Filter toolbar is greatly enhanced by allowing you to specify a column to filter a string.

New Options

  • The Treat digits as numbers check box and Treat full-width characters as 2 characters when sorting by length check box were added to the Sort tab of the
    Customize dialog box.

New Commands

  • Negative (Filter toolbar)
  • Sort Shortest to Longest
  • Sort Longest to Shortest
  • Advanced Filter (Filter toolbar)

Macro New Features

  • Filter, GetCell, and GetColumns methods were added to the Document object.

Plug-in API New Features

  • EE_GET_CELL message and Editor_GetCell inline function.
  • EE_FILTER message and Editor_Filter inline function.
  • GET_CELL_INFO, and
    FILTER_INFO structures.