Lightweight, single-process, multithreaded design

The key to EmEditor’s large file capabilities is its single-process, multithreaded design, which allows EmEditor to execute powerful functionality without compromising speed or taking up too much memory.

EmEditor excels as a small, fast text editor of the highest quality and standard, that performs reliably. That’s why EmEditor has been so popular for such a long time. Each subsequently released upgrade has had an improved start-up time. EmEditor does not use commercial libraries such as Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC), making it well-optimized, particularly for startup times. Because of its small size, EmEditor’s startup time is less than 1 second in most environments. Using the command prompt, EmEditor opens more than 200 files within 2-3 seconds. That’s really fast!

EmEditor runs in one process when multiple files are opened. EmEditor also runs in one process whether using the tab feature or not. Running in one process allows EmEditor to start much faster when multiple files are selected to open, reduce memory usage, and suppress the task bar blinking when activating other documents. Multiple windows run as multi-threading.