Optimized Sort

Sort operations are optimized for large files—EmEditor v13 runs a Sort command for a 1,750,000 line file in under 8 seconds.

EmEditor’s various Sort commands and the Delete Duplicate Lines command are optimized for large files, and there is no limitation of size to run these commands. As you can see from an example below, v13 became 3 to 7 times faster than v12 in the Sort and Delete Duplicate Lines commands when using very large files.

EmEditor v12EmEditor v13
Sort*28 seconds7.8 seconds
Delete Duplicate Lines**53 seconds7.2 seconds

*141MB 1,750,000 lines, Sort A to Z
**16MB 200,000 lines. Windows 8 (64-bit), Core i7 870, 16GB RAM
EmEditor Professional v12.0.11 (64-bit) and v13.0.0 (64-bit).