Find and Replace

EmEditor’s Find and Replace functions support regular expressions, number ranges, find and replace in files, and many other options to make searching easier. You can map multiple find strings and their replacements with batch replace.

There are multiple types of expressions to specify what to find:

  • Simple matching
    • The string is matched as is; there is no special syntax.
    • You can choose fuzzy matching to find close matches.
  • Regular Expressions
    • Regular expression enables more advanced search patterns. EmEditor supports the Perl regular expression syntax which includes lookahead and lookbehind searching. Capture groups can be used in the replacement string.
  • Escape Sequence
    • Similar to simple matching but the backslash character can be used to represent control characters such as \t for tab.
  • Number Range
    • You can search for a range of integers, decimal numbers, IP addresses, and dates.

The Find in Files dialog allows you to search multiple files in a directory. You can specify more details such as an encoding of the file to be searched. You can specify an encoding in the Encoding drop-down list. You can also set up the Configured Encoding so that a file will be opened with its associated encoding.