New in Version 19.9

New General Features

  • Added the ability to batch or multi-search in the Find, Find in Files, and Replace in Files commands.
  • Added the Split Column(s) command to split a column by a specified separator, and put them into right columns or lines beneath.
  • The Wrap Indent option now ignores full-width spaces.

New Options

  • Added the Batch Find, Batch Find in Files, and Batch Replace in Files dialog boxes. Redesigned the Batch Replace dialog box.
  • Added the Split Columns dialog box.
  • Added the Select from Batch List command in the menu displayed when clicked the > button by the Find drop-down list box in Find, Replace, Find in Files, and Find in Replace dialog boxes.

New Commands

  • Split Column(s)
  • Batch Find
  • Batch Replace
  • Batch Find in Files
  • Batch Replace in Files

Plug-in API New Features

  • Added the COLUMN_SPLIT_TO_COLUMNS and COLUMN_SPLIT_TO_LINES flags to the EDIT_COLUMN_INFO structure and the Editor_EditColumn inline function.

Macro New Features

  • Added the SplitColumn method to the Document object.