New in Version 22.5

July 25, 2023

New General Features

  • The Search Symbols command uses the language server protocol if Enable Language Server Protocol is enabled on the Language Server page of Configuration Properties.[P]
  • Added the JSON language server.[P]
  • The new version allows you to click the left edge of a line number to toggle the bookmark.
  • The new version optimizes external file change checks.
  • The Comment command is now enabled even if the current line is empty.
  • By default, the Large File Controller will not be displayed when a large file is opened. Instead, a notification tooltip will be displayed, and clicking the tooltip will display the Large File Controller. You can change the default behavior on the File page of the Customize dialog box.[P]
  • The new version displays a prompt message box when EmEditor is launched if the 32-bit version is running on 64-bit Windows.
  • A license verification check for the registration key has been added when an Internet connection is available.
  • The speed of various commands has been improved.

Test results:

Delete Duplicate Lines [*A]5.900 seconds5.535 seconds1.07 times faster
Select All, Copy [*A]1.765 seconds1.186 seconds1.49 times faster
Filter, Extract Matched Strings [*A]3.610 seconds2.238 seconds1.61 times faster
Number of Words (status bar) [*A]0.914 seconds0.271 seconds3.37 times faster
Find Next Warning Character [*B]1.227 seconds0.466 seconds2.63 times faster
Sum (status bar) [*C]0.269 seconds0.217 seconds1.24 times faster
CSV Syntax Check [*C]0.234 seconds0.095 seconds2.46 times faster

 *A: 1.34 GB , 100 million lines, random ASCII text file.
*B: 9.49 GB, 100 million lines, random ASCII text file.
*C: 1.99 GB, 15.9 million lines, random ASCII CSV file.
Macro for Select All, Copy: document.selection.SelectAll(); document.selection.Copy(eeCopyUnicode);
All: Default options except the Always Discard Lengthy Undo Information to Accelerate option on, Windows 11, Core i7-13700, 80 GB RAM.

New Options

  • Removed the Monitor Interval text box from the File page of configuration properties.
  • Added JSON to the Document Type drop-down list box in the Language Server page of configuration properties.[P]
  • Added Vertical Indicator – Bookmarks (hovered) to the Specify Part list box in the Display page of configuration properties.

Plug-in New Features[P]

  • Added commits ahead/behind indicators for the Pull and Push buttons in the CommitList plug-in.

Macro New Features[P]

  • Added the Stderr method to the Editor object.


  • [P] EmEditor Professional only