Messaging (plug-in)

The Messaging plug-in allows you to send messages to other EmEditor users over your intranet connection, allowing quick communication on shared projects, and more.

After selecting a short section of text, selecting the Send Selected Text plug-in on the Plug-ins toolbar or menu brings up the Send To dialog box to select computers to send to. Selecting computers or setting the Send to All Computers check box will send the selected text to the specified computer(s). EmEditor must be installed on the destination computer(s), and the EmEditor tray icon must be running in order to receive text. When receiving text, a balloon tip will appear. Clicking the balloon tip or right-clicking on the tray icon and selecting the Show Last Message command will open a new EmEditor window with the received text. There is a limit to the length of text to send. Please note that on Windows 8, a Toast will appear. The plug-in is available in the library.