New in Version 22.3

April 11, 2022

New General Features

  • Improved the reliability and robustness especially when dealing with very large files in low memory situations.[PF]
  • Added hover tooltips using the Language Server Protocol (experimental).[P]
  • Number Range Expressions of the new version match numbers containing digit grouping (thousand) separators if the Allow digit grouping option is set in the Sort page of the Customize dialog box.[P]
  • The new version shows a message box to abort CSV syntax check before search and other operations by default.[P]
  • Added the ability to abort the CSV syntax check by pressing the ESC key.[P]
  • Added /ng (always creates a new group window) to the command line options.[PF]
  • The new version shows a message box explaining a problem if a crash was related to Microsoft IME (Input Method Editor).[PF]
  • The new version copies only numbers when selecting Copy on the right-click menu on the Sum/Average on the Status bar.[P]
  • The new version makes the Highlight Active Tab option in the Tab page of the Customize dialog box turned on by default.[P]
  • Improved the speed of Extract in the Find dialog box.[P]

Test results:

Extract “ab” (2,544,324 lines matched)4.637 seconds1.339 seconds3.46 times faster

* 10 million lines, 10 GB random ASCII data. Default options except the Always Discard Lengthy Undo Information to Accelerate option on, Windows 11, Ryzen 9 7900X, 64 GB RAM, 1TB SSD.

New Options

  • Added the Allow digit grouping check box to the Sort page of the Customize dialog box.[P]
  • Added the Language Server page to Configuration Properties.[P]
  • Added the Prompt when CSV Syntax Check is still running check box to the CSV Options page of the Customize dialog box.[P]
  • Added the Use ISO date time format for rename, Set Hidden attribute, and Set Read-only attribute check boxes to the Backup page of configuration properties.[PF]

New Commands

  • Language Server Properties[P]

Plug-in New Features[P]

  • Added COMPARE_QUICK flag to the Editor_Compare inline function and COMPARE_INFO structure.
  • Added SORT_DIGIT_GROUPING flag to the the Editor_Sort inline function and SORT_INFO structure.
  • Changed the changes sidebar of the CommitList plug-in to show lists to enable multi-selection.
  • Added the ability to preview Markdown in WebPreview plug-in.

Macro New Features[P]

  • Added the eeCompareQuick flag to the Compare method of the Editor object.
  • Added the eeSortDigitGrouping flag to the Sort method of the Document object.


  • [P] EmEditor Professional only
  • [PF] EmEditor Professional and EmEditor Free