Fast Speed of Replace All Command

The new version greatly improved the execution speed of Replace All while selecting a column of a CSV document, deleting vertical selection, and the speed of Undo after Replace All.

Test results:

Replace All selecting a CSV column *149.71 seconds0.54 seconds
Delete selecting a CSV column *2201.62 seconds0.78 seconds

*1 380,000 line CSV, select a column, replace all “a” with “$$$”, no match case
*2 380,000 line CSV, select a column, press DELETE
* Windows 8.1 (64-bit) Core i7-4790 16GB RAM

Improved CSV Features

With EmEditor v15.2, you can select CSV column(s), and drag and drop columns to reorder or copy columns. You can also detect invalid double quotes in CSV documents. Furthermore, new macros were added to execute Csv-related operations.

More Options to Display Help File

Help can be viewed in a browser from the Internet. You can still choose to view the local help file (Preference sub menu on the Help menu). The Help file will not be included in the installer. It can be installed separately.

Windows 10 Support

The Cascade, Tile Horizontally, Tile Vertically, Compare and Synchronize commands can now realize the virtual desktops created by Task View, one of new features of Windows 10.
For example, in previous versions of EmEditor, when there are two EmEditor group windows which exist at different virtual desktops, if you select the Tile Vertically command, only one EmEditor group window appears on the left half of the current virtual desktop while the other EmEditor group window appears on the right half of the other virtual desktop. The new version of EmEditor can arrange windows only on the current virtual desktop.

The Record Mouse Activities and Keyboard Input to Other Applications check box became disabled when installed per user. When installed per computer, the “This feature (recording mouse activities and keyboard input to other applications) might not work under some versions of Windows and security settings. This feature might not be supported in future versions of EmEditor.” message now appears.

On Windows 10, when the View Source by EmEditor on Internet Explorer option is enabled, the “The View Source by EmEditor on Internet Explorer feature might have a conflict with Microsoft Edge. If you continue, and if you try to right-click on Microsoft Edge and select View Source, no window might appear. Please select Cancel to turn off this feature.” message now appears.

Other New Features

New features

  • The Consolas (11 point) becomes the default font for many font categories where they used to be Courier New (10 point).
  • In the Tab tab of the Customize dialog box, the New Window for New File, otherwise New Tab becomes the default.
  • These dialog boxes now become resizable: External Tools, Toolbars, Find in Files, Replace in Files, Extract Columns, Join CSV, Delete/Bookmark Duplicate Lines, Insert Special Characters, Customize Menus, and many other dialog boxes.

New options

  • Repeat the first line as header check box was added to the Header and footer page of the Split Current Document into Several Files wizard.
  • The Adjust Separator Positions Automatically check box was added to the CSV tab of the Customize dialog box.

New commands

  • Web Help
  • Local Help

Macro New Features

  • The Csv object was added.
  • The Csv property was added to the Document Object.