Light-Weight, Single-Process, Multi-Threading, and Low Memory Usage

EmEditor now runs in one process when multiple files are opened. EmEditor also runs in one process whether using the tab feature or not. Running in one process allows EmEditor to start much faster when multiple files are selected to open, reduce memory usage, and suppress the task bar blinking when activating other documents. Multiple windows now run as multi-threading. Many plug-in commands and macro methods have been added to navigate multiple documents.

In this example below in opening 60 HTML files, the used memory is reduced to 1/50 from the previous version. The time to launch is reduced to 1/15.

Test details: Time to launch and used memory are compared to open 60 HTML files (about 3KB in each size) with the EmEditor command in the Explorer context menu. (Windows XP Home, Compaq Presario SR1010Z, Athlon 64 3200+, 1GB RAM, (1) EmEditor Professional 4.13, (2) EmEditor Professional v5.00, the tab enabled, and other default settings)

Also optimized for speed opening a file with huge characters in a line.

Powerful Tab Features

Tabs features are greatly enhanced. Enhanced tab features are stable since all windows now run in a single window in a single process unlike previous versions which only combine windows.

  • Tab or Button style can be selected.
  • Close button (×) on the right-side of the tab can be clicked to close the active document.
  • Window-grouping is supported, and any tab item can be dragged-and-dropped into another group to join or to create a new group.
  • Tab icons and the button width can be customized.
  • The command to run when double-clicking the tab or clicking the tab by the middle mouse button can be customized.
  • The mouse wheel rotation activates another document.
  • The context menu on the tab can be customized.
  • The New tab insert positionWhich tab should be activated when a tab is closed, and the Window to open a new document with can be customized.
  • The tab can be arranged by file names, types, modified times or the recently activated order. The Auto arrange can also be specified.
  • The tab bar can be extended to multiple rows or the width can be automatically adjusted when it doesn’t fit in the window.

Detect All Result dialog

The new Detect All Result dialog allows you to preview before select an encoding to open a file with.

Supports More Unicode Characters

EmEditor now supports Unicode characters outside of the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP). As long as a supporting font is available, EmEditor can display the CJK Extension B characters. The Unicode character code is now displayed in five hexadecimal digits.

Application Error Handler Support

Should an application error occur in EmEditor, the error handler will now let you save modified files before it actually terminates. Should an application error occur inside a plug-in, EmEditor will allow you to disable the plug-in without terminating.

Other New Features

New Features

  • The menu bar is now one of the toolbars, and can be moved before or after other toolbars.
  • The Progress dialog box now appears when a huge file is opened, and the operation can be canceled.
  • A Customize command was added to each toolbar context menu.
  • Macros and the plug-in interface have been further extended.

The 64-bit edition available

EmEditor Professional x64 Edition is available now, natively supporting Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition and Windows XP Professional x64 Edition running on the AMD64 or Intel EM64T platform.

EmEditor Professional v5 is available free for EmEditor Professional v4 users. EmEditor Standard v5 is available free for EmEditor Standard v4 users and EmEditor v3 users.