New in Version 19.2

September 18, 2019

New General Features

  • Supported AVX-512 and SHA instruction sets found in recent CPUs (64-bit only).
  • Improved the speed by dividing the core program into 3 executable files — ee512.exe for AVX-512, ee256.exe for AVX-2, and ee128.exe for SSE2 instruction sets (64-bit only). EmEditor automatically selects the most optimized executable file by default, or a user can select any executable file as long as the current CPU supports the corresponding instruction set.
  • The new version displays more error information during Find in Files and Replace in Files if any files are skipped from search due to errors.
  • The new version displays the number of matches or strings replaced in the status bar after Find in Files and Replace in Files.
  • Greatly improved the speed of opening very large files, Delete Duplicate Lines, Find in Files, Replace in Files, and various Sort commands.

Test results:

Open a large file7.53 seconds2.99 seconds2.52 times faster
Find in Files74.1  seconds12.2 seconds6.07 times faster
Replace in Files126 seconds1.56 seconds80.8 times faster

* Open a large file: 2.70 GB, 200,000,000 lines, UTF-8 random data file.
  Find in Files: 5 random text files, total 17.6 GB, find “abc”, Match Case off.
  Replace in Files: 3 random text file, total 731 MB, find “abc”, replace with “@abc@”, Match Case off, Keep Modified Files Open off, Save Backups on.
  16 threads, Windows 10 (64-bit), Core i9-9900K, 32GB RAM, 2TB SSD.

New Options

  • Added the Save Settings check box to the Find in Files and Replace in Files dialog boxes.
  • Added the Maximum bytes to detect UTF-8 text box to the File page of the Customize dialog box.

New Commands

  • All Marks