Version 21.1

  • Ability to set running macro as the default macro
  • Use DirectWrite option by default
  • Ability to display Emoji Sequences and Emoji ZWJ Sequences correctly
  • Speed improvement of various operations

Version 21.0

  • Ability to select which UI elements to show or hide
  • Improved speed of selecting, scrolling, and regular expression search
  • Improved Macro Temporary Options dialog box

Version 20.9

  • Improved access to toolbars
  • Improved Replacement Expression Syntax
  • Ability to paste file path by dropping a file from Explorer
  • Ability to perform quiet installation by default when “per-user installation” is selected during desktop installation

Version 20.8

  • Improved Binary (Hexadecimal View) mode
  • Improved UTF-8 detection in very large files
  • Enhanced Find Matching Parenthesis/Bracket and Matching Parenthesis/Bracket Extend behaviors

Version 20.7

  • Ability to use existing files as the source without opening in the Combine Files Wizard
  • Improved Clipboard History feature
  • Ability to use a separate thread for running macros
  • New Replacement Expression

Version 20.6

  • Ability to support long file paths exceeding 260 characters
  • Ability to customize URI schemes
  • Improved Clear History options
  • Ability to support two-factor authentication at Emurasoft Customer Center
  • Speed improvement of GetCell method and when a very long line exists and the line is wrapped

Version 20.5

  • Ability to support up to 16 TB when opening a file in the 64-bit version of EmEditor; ability to support up to 256 GB in the 32-bit version.
  • Improved the Large File Controller behavior
  • New options to display in the status bar
  • Ability to support very dark mode in plug-ins
  • Speed improvement of Print, Print Preview and various sorts in vary large files

Version 20.4

  • New Notifications feature
  • Improved the Update Checker behavior
  • Speed improvement of the Delete Duplicate Lines and Compare commands

Version 20.3

  • Improved overall update experience
  • Ability to show a tooltip with new version information and commands to install updates
  • New options related to Update Checker added to the Start window
  • Speed improvement of various operations in very large files

Version 20.2

  • Ability to sort or delete duplicate elements in a column of “nested” CSV documents
  • Ability to show the * mark in the Advanced button of the Find/Replace (in Files) dialog boxes
  • AutoFill/AutoRepeat command added to the context menu displayed when you finish dragging the AutoFill/AutoRepeat handle
  • Speed improvement of the Split Column(s) command

Version 20.1

  • Ability to change the quotation mark associated with each CSV format
  • Ability to support Concordance load file (DAT) format as one of the default CSV formats
  • Improved Advanced Filter dialog box and Jump dialog box
  • Enhanced Sum macro that can sum numbers in selected cells in CSV documents
  • Speed improvement of opening very large files by multi-threading

Version 20.0

  • Ability to support “nested” CSV operations
  • Combine Lines command and dialog box
  • Speed improvement of opening very large files in Binary (Hexadevimal View), Replace in Files, and Join CSV

Version 19.9

  • Ability to batch or multi-search
  • Split Column(s) command and dialog box
  • Speed improvement of Advanced Filter with multiple strings

Version 19.8

  • Ability to use uchardet
  • Enhanced file encoding detection
  • Advanced Open feature to split a file with newlines and run a macro against each open file
  • Ability to convert CSV formats as a macro
  • Very Dark mode

Version 19.7

  • Ability to move/copy column(s)
  • Ability to combine columns
  • Speed Improvement of multiline search

Version 19.6

  • Ability to show clipboard history on paste
  • Ability to show Minimap while mouse is hovered over the vertical scroll bar
  • More options added to the Extract Frequent Strings dialog box
  • JSON added to default configurations

Version 19.5

  • Extract Frequent Strings command and dialog box
  • Ability to create a table of frequent strings from the Find Extract results

Version 19.4

  • AutoFill/AutoRepeat feature for non-CSV documents and CSV documents without cell selection mode
  • Drag selection border to shrink/extend selection range
  • Speed Improvement of Copy, Cut, and Paste commands

Version 19.3

  • More options to customize the Start window
  • Speed Improvement of various operations when the document contains a very long line

Version 19.2

  • Speed Improvement (opening very large files, Delete Duplicate Lines, Find/Replace in Files, and various sort commands using AVX-512 and SHA instruction sets found in recent CPUs)
  • Enhanced the performance of Find/Replace in Files (such as displaying more error information if any files are skipped and displaying number of matches or strings replaced in the status bar)

Version 19.1

  • Enhanced Half-Width/Full-Width Conversion dialog box
  • Regular expression support for back references more than 9, and named capturing group
  • Speed Improvement (Delete Duplicate Lines, and various sort commands)

Version 19.0

  • Check syntax of all supported document types (CSV, XML, HTML, CSS, and JSON)
  • Sort Reverse command
  • Speed Improvement (CSV mode, Syntax Check (CSV), Adjust Separator Position (Whole Document), and Delete Duplicate Lines commands)

Version 18.9

  • Sort IP Addresses commands
  • Find/Replace/Filter a specified range of IPv4/IPv6 addresses
  • Speed Improvement (Save, Save As)

Version 18.8

  • Speed Improvement (opening very large files, Find/Replace/Filter, the Uppercase, Lowercase, Capitalize, Full-width, and Half-width commands using multi-threaded code and the AVX-2 instruction set, and when the document contains very long lines)

Version 18.7

  • Clear Contents command
  • Speed Improvement (Sort and Delete Duplicate Lines using multi-threaded code, Replace All using AVX-2 instruction set, and when the document contains very long lines)

Version 18.6

  • Multiple selection improvement
  • Speed Improvement (Open very large files without temporary files, Remove Newlines, and Replace All)

Version 18.5

  • Speed Improvement (Open very large files, Switch Wrap mode)
  • Keyboard shortcut assignments for CSV cell selection mode (F2 to edit cell, Ctrl+Right to move to the right edge)
  • New keyboard shortcuts (Alt+Ctrl+Right to extend vertical selection)
  • Advanced Filter improvements

Version 18.4

  • Number Range Expressions
  • Replacement Expression using JavaScript
  • Speed Improvement (editing very long lines, highlight keywords using regular expressions)

Version 18.3

  • Sort Randomly
  • Advanced Filter improvements (Filter Bookmarked Lines Only, Match Newline Characters)
  • Speed Improvement (Replace All, Remove newlines, Switch to CSV mode)

Version 18.2

  • Speed Improvement (Find, Replace, Sort)
  • Sort by Occurrence

Version 18.1

  • Speed Improvement (Find in Files, Open/Save very large files, Switch to CSV mode, Sort, Delete Duplicate Lines)
  • Sync settings

Version 18.0

  • Speed Improvement (Find, Replace, Filter, Sort, Delete Duplicate Lines, Save)

Version 17.9

  • Extract to New CSV Column
  • Nonstandard CSV support (Use Escape Character)

Version 17.8

  • Open Filter
  • Automatic Recovery

Version 17.7

  • Speed Improvement (Sort)
  • Comparison Result Report

Version 17.6

  • Speed Improvement (Delete Duplicate Lines, Sort)
  • DirectWrite
  • Unicode Name in Character Code Value dialog

Version 17.5

  • AutoFill Option button
  • Unicode Standard – East Asian Width support
  • Mitigations for DLL hijacking vulnerability

Version 17.4

  • Speed Improvement (Replace All)
  • More Regular Expression options
  • More options for CSV cell selection mode

Version 17.3

  • CSV drag and drop
  • Onigmo regular expression update supporting Absent Operator

Version 17.2

  • AutoFill and Flash Fill for CSV cell selection mode
  • Validate CSV command
  • Speed Improvement (Replace All and Batch Replace)

Version 17.1

  • Column header for CSV mode
  • Minimap can coexist with vertical scroll bar
  • Speed Improvement (Replace All)

Version 17.0

  • Speed Improvement (launch time)
  • Bookmarks can be indefinitely remembered

Version 16.9

  • Speed Improvement (Replace All)
  • Match Whole String option for Advanced Filter
  • Active String
  • Clickable IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  • Clickable hexadecimal colors and RGB colors

Version 16.8

  • Speed Improvement (Advanced Filter)
  • Undo/Redo history, Undo/Redo All commands

Version 16.7

  • Speed Improvement (Find in Files, Extract using Output bar)
  • More Line number format options

Version 16.6

  • Speed Improvement (Replace All, Join CSV, Remove Newlines, Insert Newlines)
  • Line number format options

Version 16.5

  • Ability to specify the file open From position and To position
  • Right-click menu on list boxes in dialog boxes

Version 16.4

  • Auto Copy

Version 16.3

  • Minimap

Version 16.2

  • Improved Filter
  • Enhanced Extract Feature

Version 16.1

  • Cell Toolbar

Version 16.0

  • New Extract options

Version 15.9

  • CSV Converter
  • JSON support in JavaScript macros

Version 15.8

  • Cell Selection Mode
  • Security Improvements

Version 15.7

  • Onigmo regular expression engine
  • Treat CR and LF Separately on searches

Version 15.6

  • New Macros (Symbol List, Go to Definition, Pop Browse Context, Parameter Information)

Version 15.5

  • Start Window
  • New Macros (Sum, Validate XML, Wrap in HTML/XML tags)

Version 15.4

  • Speed Improvement (Delete bookmarked lines, Compare)
  • Sort Fewest to Most Words
  • Remember Visited Links

Version 15.3

  • More Windows 10 support

Version 15.2

  • Speed Improvement (Replace All in a CSV column)
  • Windows 10 support

Version 15.1

  • Speed Improvement (Replace All using multi-threading)
  • Extract Columns
  • Per-User Install

Version 15.0

  • Manage Workspaces
  • Improved Filter features

Version 14.9

Version 14.8

Version 14.7

Version 14.6

Version 14

Version 13

Version 12

Version 11

Version 10

Version 9

Version 8

Version 7

Version 6

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