EmEditor currently allows users to set highlight strings. However, in previous versions, you could not add highlight strings temporarily. These limitations have been rectified in the new version.

The new marker feature allows you to specify strings to highlight temporarily. In the context menu displayed by right-clicking, selecting Add to Markers allows you to add the selected text or the word at the cursor position to the list of markers. The list of markers is displayed in the new Markers toolbar. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the selected text to the Markers toolbar to add the text to the list of markers.

Right clicking on each marker in the Markers toolbar displays a context menu, and allows you to enable or disable each marker, search for each marker, or change the match condition (case sensitivity, only word, regular expressions, etc.).

Each marker can be dragged and dropped to change the order of markers and to insert the marker text into the editor. Selecting the Customize Markers from the menu allows you to change the details about the markers. In the Marker List tab, you can change the marker colors, change the marker text, and delete unnecessary markers.

The auto marker is a new feature to automatically highlight text that is the same as the selected text. The Auto Marker tab of the Customize Markers dialog allows you to specify details about the auto marker, such as retrieving the word at the cursor position, matching the word only, or case sensitivity.

Tooltip to show HTML/XML character references

If the mouse cursor hovers over the HTML/XML character references, the actual Unicode characters appear as a tooltip. Moreover, right-clicking on the tooltip allows to you copy the Unicode characters or convert the document text into the Unicode characters. (The Highlight HTML/XML Character Reference and UCN check box must be set to use this feature. If upgraded from v10, please set this check box to use this feature.)

Find toolbar

The Find toolbar previously provided as a plug-in has become an EmEditor core feature. The new Find toolbar allows you to drag and drop the text from the editor or from another application to change the search string. Moreover, the Find toolbar extends its functionalities to allow replace in addition to find.

Batch Replace

The new Batch >> button in the Replace dialog extends the dialog box to include a list for multiple Find/Replace combinations with options. Pressing the Batch Replace button then replaces all of the multiple matched strings with the respective specified strings. This new user interface allows much faster and more intuitive replace operations for frequent use of the replace feature.

Other New Features

New features

  • The new Delete Duplicate Lines command allows you delete duplicate lines in the selection if a portion of text is selected, or in the entire document.
  • The sort commands now sort the selected text only when a portion of text is selected.
  • The new Recently Closed Files commands allow you to open recently closed files.
  • Supports the Hanja conversion using Korean IME.
  • The status bar now allows you to display the number of characters in the selection, the number of words in the selection, and the number of lines in the selection. Also, the display order is now customizable.
  • Unicode Ideographic Variation Sequence (IVS) is now supported. (Supporting fonts are needed.)

New options

  • The Customize Markers dialog box was added.
  • Batch button, Add to Batch button, Modify button, List box, Enable/Disable All check box, Up button, Down button, Delete button Select All button, Import button, Export button, and Batch Replace All button were added to the Replace dialog box.
  • The Highlight HTML/XML Character Reference and UCN check box was added to the Highlight (2) tab of the Configuration Properties.
  • Disable Shortcuts in the Find/Replace Dialog Boxes check box, Switch the Focus to the Editor after Searched check box, and Close if ESC pressed check box were added to the Search tab of the Customize dialog box.
  • Status list box, Up button, and Down button were added to the Status tab of the Customize dialog box.

New commands

  • Find Toolbar
  • Add to Markers
  • Markers Toolbar
  • Customize Markers
  • Unicode to HTML Character Entity Reference
  • Delete Duplicate Lines
  • Set Focus to Find Toolbar
  • Browse Find Expressions (Find toolbar)
  • Browse Replace Expressions (Find toolbar)
  • Find Previous (Find toolbar)
  • Find Next (Find toolbar)
  • Incremental Search (Find toolbar)
  • Search All Open Documents (Find toolbar)
  • Match Case (Find toolbar)
  • Use Regular Expressions (Find toolbar)
  • Use Escape Sequence (Find toolbar)
  • Search Only Word (Find toolbar)
  • Move to Start/End of Document (Find toolbar)
  • Count Matches (Find toolbar)
  • Replace >> (Find toolbar)
  • In the Selection Only (Find toolbar)
  • Replace Next (Find toolbar)
  • Replace All (Find toolbar)
  • Most Recently Closed File
  • Close Find Toolbar
  • Enable All Markers
  • Disable All Markers
  • Delete All Markers
  • Recently Closed Files (multiple items)

Macros new features

  • HighlightCharRef property was added to the HighlightProp object.
  • eeEncodingBinary and eeEncodingHex constants were added to the Encoding Constants.

Plug-in API new features

  • The m_bHighlightCharRef member was added to the CCustomizeInfo class.
  • New commands (from EEID_SHOW_FIND_BAR through EEID_CLOSE_FIND_BAR and EEID_RECENT_CLOSED_FILE1) were added.