Flash Fill

If a column’s string value is based on two other columns, EmEditor can detect this pattern and apply this pattern for other cells in the column using Flash Fill.

In this table, column 3 is the concatenation of columns 1 and 2 (1 + A = 1A). By selecting the cell with value 1A and clicking on the Flash Fill button in the Sort toolbar, the rest of the column is completed as expected.

Flash Fill can also be accessed in the Autofill menu. Dragging the lower right corner of the first cell in column 3 to the bottom of column 3 results in the cell being copied. Clicking on the icon in the lower right and clicking Flash Fill applies the command to the selected cells.

In addition to concatenation shown above, Flash Fill can also detect a substring and upper/lowercase conversion.

From a list of car names, we can use Flash Fill to get the model years and makes.

If the full name is in mixed case but the make value is uppercase, Flash Fill automatically converts the result to uppercase.