EmEditor supports plug-ins, .dll files that you can download and install to extend EmEditor’s functions. You can even create your own to make EmEditor work exactly the way you want it to.

Many text editors try to stuff as many features as possible into the program, which results in a bulky, slow application. EmEditor takes a different approach. We try to minimize the core feature set while maintaining the flexibility so you can add many features as plug-ins. This approach has been successful as it allows the core program to remain minimal (and lightning fast) while you enjoy the features you want. EmEditor exposes many APIs, so programmers can easily write plug-ins that fit their needs. Features such as Word Count, Explorer, Web Preview, and Snippets, etc. are designed as plug-ins. For your convenience, 10 plug-ins are installed with EmEditor by default, but you can choose to add or remove any plug-ins you want.

Plug-ins are DLL files that EmEditor uses to add extra features and functions to EmEditor. To add a plug-in to EmEditor, download a plug-in file and move it into the Plug-ins folder which was installed with EmEditor. Plug-ins help is available so that you can make your own plug-ins for your needs.