New in Version 21.8

June 8, 2022

New General Features

  • Added the CommitList plug-in, which shows the Git history of the current document.
  • Allowed regular expressions and number range expressions included in the list of searches/replacements while using Bulk Replace All in the Batch Replace dialog box, Bulk Find in the Batch Find/Replace in Files dialog box, and Bulk Replace All in the Batch Replace in Files dialog box.
  • The new version allows you to search only a specified range of time stamp in files while working on the Find in Files command.
  • The new version shows document titles above documents when comparing them in a split window.
  • The new version moves the split border proportionally as you resize a split window.
  • The new version restores the cursor position when aborting the filter if there were no matches.

New Options

  • Added the Filter Extract Options dialog box.
  • Added the Oldest date modified and Newest date modified date boxes to the Advanced dialog box (Find in Files).

New Commands

  • Split View
  • Extract Options

New Plug-ins

  • CommitList plug-in

Plug-in New Features

  • Added the EE_INFO_EX message, INFO_EX_DATA structure, and Editor_DocInfoEx inline function.
  • Added the hDoc parameter to EE_GET_MODIFIED and EE_GET_LINES messages.
  • Added the hDoc field to GET_LINE_INFO structure.
  • Added alternative forms to the Editor_DocGetModified, Editor_DocGetLines, Editor_GetLineW inline functions.
  • Added nVisibleLinesAbove and nVisibleLinesBelow fields to FILTER_INFO_EX structure.

Macro New Features

  • Added the nVisibleLinesAbove and nVisibleLinesBelow parameters to the Filter method of the Document object.
  • Added the Title property to the Document object.

How To Use CommitList Plug-in

The CommitList plug-in is installed by default with EmEditor Professional. This plug-in shows the commit history of a Git repo. It allows easy comparisons between files of different revisions. To use the CommitList plug-in, click CommitList on the Plug-ins bar. Or on the Tools menu, point to Plug-ins, and then click CommitList. The CommitList custom bar will appear.

The plug-in will first check if the current document is in a Git repo. If it is, the repo will be selected and its commit history will be displayed. You can click on the Open Repo… button to open a different repo. The selected branch can be changed with the top right dropdown menu.

The commit list shows the commit history of the selected branch. Right-click on a commit and select Copy to copy the commit details. Browse Files At Commit will show the directory tree when the commit was made.

When a commit is selected, the right sidebar displays the commit details and the list of files changed on this commit. Right-click on a file in the list and select Compare with Previous to see what changed to the file on this commit.

If a file that is in the current repo is opened in the editor, the View History For Current Document button can be selected. It opens the File History dialog window which lists any commits that include changes of the current file. Right-clicking on a commit will show two options. Show Commit jumps to that commit in the main commit list. Compare with Previous compares the file with its previous revision.


  • Press the F6 key or ESC key to set the keyboard focus back to the editor.