Improved Speed

Improved the speed of opening files. EmEditor v15.6.1’s speed to open a large file (809 MB – 2.02 GB) became 7% faster compared to v15.6.0, and 18% – 27% faster compared to v15.5.

Test results:

Opens a file *13.03 seconds2.36 seconds2.20 seconds
Opens a file *25.70 seconds5.03 seconds4.67 seconds

*1 10,000,001 lines text file, 809 MB
*2 9,222,138 lines text file, 2.02 GB
Windows 10 (64-bit) Core i7-4790 16GB RAM

Enhanced Quick Launch

The Quick Launch command now includes three modes: Commands (Ctrl + Shift + C), Options (Ctrl + Shift + O), and Symbols (Ctrl + Shift + S). Ctrl + Space to bring up the menu to change the mode.

Update Channel

You can now select the update channel under the Help menu. Selecting both beta and official releases will notify you all updates including betas so that you can test EmEditor beta quickly and give us feedback on new features and bug fixes.

New Macros

The following four macros are added to the new version:

  • SymbolList.jsee: Displays the symbol list for the current source code.
  • GoToDefinition.jsee: Jumps to the definition of the function at the cursor, shortcut F12.
  • PopBrowseContext.jsee: Returns from the definition, shortcut Ctrl + Num *.
  • ParameterInfo.jsee: Displays the parameter information as a tooltip when the cursor is inside the parentheses of a function, shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Space.

Other New Features

New features

  • The “Windows 10 has been detected. The View Source by EmEditor on Internet Explorer feature might have a conflict with Microsoft Edge…” warning message will not be displayed any more since Windows 10 Build 10586 fixes the Microsoft Edge bug.
  • The existing WrapTags.jsee macro was assigned to shortcut Ctrl + Shift + ,.

New options

  • The Show Fixed Pitch Fonts Only check box was added to the Customize Font dialog box.

New commands

  • Select Update Channel
  • Tab/Indent Properties
  • New File Details Properties
  • Save File Details Properties
  • Quick Launch – Commands
  • Quick Launch – Options
  • Quick Launch – Symbols
  • Customize Macros – My Macros
  • Customize Macros – Options
  • Customize Markers – Marker List
  • Customize Markers – Auto Marker
  • Customize Markers – Options

Plug-in New Features

  • The Projects plug-in supports 7 new user messages. These new user message can be used by defining USE_PROJECTS_PLUGIN before including the plug-in.h.